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Over 40 years of combined experience in computer repair and IT makes us a true champion in the industry. There hasn't yet been a problem we can't solve.

On-Site Business and Residential services

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Full service laptop repair - Including DC Jack replacement

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Jeffery O'Toole

a week ago - 5 Star
Took My Computer for repairs at Computer Depot. Worked with Douglas who was very helpful.
I had to leave computer for a week for repairs. Everything was repaired and it works great.
Douglas even gave me a new free cord for the computer because my old one was faulty.

Nick P

in the last week - 5 Star
I came here because my computer was acting odd and kept resetting itself when i tried to play games. Douglas helped me out more than i had expected. He diagnosed my computer free of charge. Not sure if its a limited time promotion but i ...More

Jason Storie
a week ago - 5 Star
Fast, friendly and fantastic service. They have made a life long customer. Keep up the good work!!!

Alice Diehl
a week ago - 5 Star
I can always count on Douglas at Computer Depot. He is always happy to help to answer my questions & resolve issues on my PC. I have taken advantage of their special to have them run diagnose on my PC to ensure all is well. I have been using their services for years.

Brandon Gibson
a week ago - 5 Star
I'm so glad that I found this place. My computer was experiencing so many viruses and pop ups and was running very slowly. When I took it in, the guy was very nice and he cleaned it and fixed it up that same day. My computer is working so much better now!

Gary Ficken
2 weeks ago - 5 Star
The technical skills utilized along with the willingness to accomplished my desired needs was outstanding. If customer service is an ingredient that is expected, then Computer Depot are the people to deal with.

Sheryl Hagen
2 weeks ago - 5 Star
Douglas is awesome! My poor computer was so filthy it wouldn't stay on. It had viruses. Douglas has it cleaned up and running line a new computer, and didn't break me doing it! Thanks!!

Joan Mundwiller
3 weeks ago - 5 Star
I feel so fortunate to have a computer place I can call and feel confident that they will help me. Douglas brought my "repaired" computer back to my apartment, set it all up and explained everything to me. These people are honest and know ...More

Beth Watts
a month ago - 5 Star
Douglas arrived on time and quickly got to work. He was pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. He shared important information and was a good teacher. My experience with this company and Douglas was positive.

Charles Wunderlich
a month ago - 5 Star
They cleaned up over 1700 infected files, deleted an old unsupported unsecured search engine, & set up my email page to open up right to my mail folder! Great job & very reasonable.


a month ago - 5 Star

I just returned from having my computer serviced at Computer Depot. I've been calling on them for service when needed for more than 15 years, and this time, as always, they came through with flying colors . The technical excellence of Thomas, Doug, and the others in their organization is superlative. What is equally impressive is that they combine this with stellar personalized customer service. I make a 30-mile round trip for their services, and I believe that even if it were 130 miles, I'd still do it. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

Richard Koop
a month ago - 5 Star
just finished installing new software, printer and security on my HP PC by the specialists at Computer Depot in O'Fallon. They did an in house installation for me since my time was tight. They were done in 2 hours and everything was tested and then was asked to check the installation so I would know what to do. No issues at all! Nice to know you can get something done quickly and hassle free. these guys get it!

Andrew Duke
2 months ago - 5 Star
So its kind of a long story....long story short. I called the computer depot looking for help. Thomas answered the phone, he was polite, direct and gave me an honest solution. I drove to his store and he not only met but exceeded all my expectations. He took the time to understand my problem and needs and over delivered in all areas. I soon realized that I was working with someone that not only took the time to listen to my needs but gave me honest and very affordable solutions. I will be referring Thomas (the owner) to all my friends and work associates. I am more than appreciative for his hard work and dedication to going above and beyond! Thanks Again. Andrew

David Reed
2 months ago - 5 Star
Always honest, fast, friendly and thorough.

Kim Etter
2 months ago - 5 Star
I had been having several issues with my computer for a long time, but eventually got a blue screen which would not let me do anything. I called Computer Depot and Douglas got me in right away. He called me with the diagnosis quickly and started to work immediately. I was very concerned about my pictures, I did not want to loose them. Douglas was able to save them and moved 23gigs onto a hard drive for me, he cleaned my computer and got it up and running. Very impressed with their work, their communication skills, and customer service. I will definitely go there again if something ever goes wrong again. Can't recommend them enough.

JoAnne Stanfield
2 months ago - 5 Star
These professionals are a life saver.

Christy Ehrenreich
3 months ago - 5 Star
I brought in a lap top that was 4 years old and was having problems. Douglas was so helpful and I left the laptop with him and felt confident that he would fix the problem. I was surprised when he called me a day later and said it was ready! I went back and it was running like a new computer. I will be bringing it back for a clean up yearly from now on!

Michelle Belcher
3 months ago - 5 Star
My 17 year old built his own computer. He was unable to get it to power up. We took his computer here to have it looked at. They diagnosed it, had it fixed and tweaked it for him within a couple of hours. Great work and great customer service.

Mason Fowlkes
3 months ago - 5 Star
A great little shop where the employees don't work for a paycheck, but because they truly enjoy what they do. They care nothing more than to see their customers walk out with smiles on their faces. It's not very common to find humanity in a place that is filled with computers.

Donna Mercurio
3 months ago - 5 Star
We took my computer to Computer Depot yesterday and it was fixed a couple of hours later. Great service and the guys were very nice. Thank You so much !!

Mike Storm
4 months ago - 5 Star
I walked into Computer Depot feeling foolish for having contracted a shutdown virus on my laptop. Douglas and Thomas immediately restored my confidence and more importantly quickly diagnosed the issue. I left the computer with the Computer Depot team and within just a few hours, I received a call that my data had been restored and that the laptop had been updated and upgraded to a clean bill of health.

Douglas answered all of my questions, and he was upfront about the process and costs involved. He was very professional without a condescending tone. The "time in store" was less than ten minutes -- very convenient, very time-friendly. This was my first visit to their store; I am thankful to have been pointed in their direction. Computer Depot is located in the strip mall right behind Fritz's and just a few doors down from the DMV's licensing station.

Shelly Schneider
5 months ago - 5 Star
Computer Depot looked at my desktop, cleaned it up and upgraded my operating system in one afternoon! Fast, friendly service at a fair price. I will definitely be back!

Danny Helm
5 months ago - 5 Star
Great employees. They were very kind and helpful. Will recommend them.

Kristen Roberts
5 months ago - 5 Star
Replied immediately to my message asking if they could take a look at my computer. They kept me in the loop the whole time and how much it would cost. Excellent service! Would highly recommend!

Chris White
5 months ago - 5 Star
GREAT SERVICE! Highly recommend! Out of the blue my PC crashed. I have never had a PC repaired before. Usually when they crash I figure it's time for a new one. But after looking online and reading the reviews I decided to give Computer Depot a try.
Can't say enough about Douglas and Computer Depot. They reinstalled my operating system and had my PC back to me the very next day.
I initially did not have them restore all my data as I use Carbonite as a back up. After completing the Carbonite restore though a ton of my boys football videos were missing.
I took a portable hard drive back up and Douglas restored my videos onto that. Unfortunately the football videos were not in the video folder and so they were not there. We finally figured out that the videos were in the photos folder. Douglas got all of them restored for me and seemed as happy as I was that I got back everything I wanted.
If I ever have computer issues again I will be going to Computer Depot. If you want GREAT service I suggest you do the same!

Shree Sherman
5 months ago - 5 Star
I have taken 2 computers into Computer Depot over the past couple of weeks. Both times the technicians provided exceptional service. They completed the work promptly and called to keep me in the loop. I would definitely recommended Computer Depot and will return should the need arise.

Julie E
6 months ago - 5 Star
Posting for my sister, Kristen, who visited Computer Depot yesterday:
" Thomas and Douglas were both so helpful in resolving my computer problem. Both were so patient and understanding to the problems I was having with my "lost" document. Not only were they able to diagnose the problem and recover my document, but they were also able to explain to me in a simple way how to resolve the problem myself if I ever were to experience the same thing again. I would not hesitate to bring any further computer problems to them in the future."

Ashlee Kiefer
6 months ago - 5 Star
I had a student at the school I work at smash my laptop screen on accident. I took it to the guys here and I had a new screen within 24 hours at an extremely reasonable price. They were friendly, honest, and fast. I would use them again for sure.

Christian McConnell
6 months ago - 5 Star
Gave me the cable that I needed. Great Service!

Adam Henze
6 months ago - 5 Star
STOP. Don't go to Walmart and have an associate waste your time with not knowing what you need, Don't go to Staples and have them sell you on crap you don't want, and don't go to Best Buy and get the 500$ piece of hardware that's obsolete next week. INSTEAD GO TO THE COMPUTER DEPOT. After an entire day of wasting my time with big chain stores these guys helped me in literally two minutes. I needed a simple USB wireless adapter and couldn't wait to buy online and these guys were so kind as to sell me one used in store after all of my trouble today. Because of their kindness I was able to register for college courses in time today and don't need to worry about waiting for another semester. 10 out of 10, will always recommend.

Kathy Wilson
6 months ago - 5 Star
They have a great staff and they help anytime you call especially Douglas he is great and they come to your office are home when you need them. I would highly recommend then. I would give a rating of 100 percent. They know what they are doing. Thank you guys very much Auchly Roofing Company

Jake Hare
7 months ago - 5 Star
Great customer service with great pricing. Had my computer fixed and back to me within a week. Much cheaper and friendlier than Best Buy support!

Vickie McGahan
7 months ago - 5 Star
So helpful!!! Will def go back for my computer needs.

Brad Black
7 months ago - 5 Star
For the past couple of months I had been having issues with my laptop (it would not charge correctly via A/C power). I cringed at the thought of taking it somewhere - especially the Geek Squad. They are the worst!

After doing some research online I finally landed on Computer Depot. So I bit the bullet and took it in. By far a diamond in the rough I never expected! I'm an IT guy myself so I can usually spot fakers miles away. They are quite the opposite of that - they are the real deal! Professional, knowledgeable, and they know what they are doing.

They had my problem fixed within an hour of drop off and so I was able to get it back in the same day. The planets had to align a bit for that to happen (they had the needed part in stock and didn't have to order it) - but still, I was very impressed with their assessment of the problem and the quick turnaround on getting it fixed.

I would recommend anyone use Computer Depot for your computer/laptop repair needs. Thanks to Computer Depot I can now keep the laptop I love without having to buy a new one!

Rick Beckwith
9 months ago - 5 Star
Man, these guys are awesome!! If I could give them a 10 star rating, I would. From the time I walked in the door, I was treated with respect. Douglas spoke to me at my computer knowledge level. Unlike some other places that I have been where they talk way over your head and you don't understand half of what they are telling you. Douglas' tech knowledge level is outstanding! he worked through the diagnostic process with my ten year old computer and found several problems with it. He explained the troubleshooting process to me thoroughly. In the end, we (jointly) decided that it was not worth repairing and I purchased a used computer from them. Their shop is clean and their skill level is fantastic. Their prices are great, they are both friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone. I certainly will be back!

Dale Lewis
9 months ago - 5 Star
Complete satisfaction with the pro's at Computer Depot in O'Fallon, Missouri. Friendly, fast, very knowledgeable, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Fixed my desktop computer in record time. This is definitely the place to go if you have computer problems.

Jason Schroeder
9 months ago - 5 Star
Same day service on my laptop! I took it in and they opened it up and called me with what needed to be done and what it would cost before fixing it in case I wanted to hold off or take it somewhere else. They are very reasonably priced and very good at what they do!

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